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VlnBw353 VlnBw353
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Violin Bow By Marco Raposo

A Marco Raposo Bow is the result of careful planning and development. We view the bow making process in its totality and work to ensure that all phases and elements of production are optimized to create a product of international distinction.

Our work begins with studies of the soil that will nourish the precious Pernambuco wood, our main raw material, (only mature trees that are over thirty years old are used) and includes meticulous attention to the bow's acclimatization phase during the final stage of production. These studies lead us to a Reforestation Project, which will protect a natural resource for future generations.

Our exclusive designs are made of recycled "Pau-Brasil" wood, from old Brazilian colonial farm fences. The quality of these wood blocks is superior in comparison to other available wood used in the market, because is has naturally dried out through the years.

The bows are then shaped by the hands of fine quality craftsmen, trained with well-known bow-makers working in the German and French tradition. The extra care and attention to detail that we employ results in bows of superior quality and a satisfied customer.

When you purchase a Marco Raposo bow it is an investment in both a fine quality product and the protection of a rare wood species so critical to the future of music.

The round stick of pernambuco of an orange-brown colour, silver mounted ebony frog inlaid with pearl eye, three part silver adjuster inlaid with pearl eye.

Stamped 'MARCO RAPOSO' on the shaft

  • Weight 63 Gr
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    Condition as new

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