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Baroque Violin By Pieter Rombouts, Workshop Of Hendrick Jacobs, Amsterdam C.1690

Born 1667. Died 1740. Pupil of Hendrik Jacobs (his step-father) set up as a "Fiolemaker" in Amsterdam, 1700.

The one piece back of maple cut on the slab of medium quilted curl running horizontally across the back. The ribs, pegbox and scroll of medium curl.

The two piece front of pine of very fine grain in the centre broadening towards the flanks. Whalebone purfling.

The varnish of a warm orange-red-brown colour on a yellow ground.

Label Reads:


J & A Beare letter
  • Length of back 356mm
  • Width upper bout 166mm
  • Width centre bout 108.5mm
  • Width lower bout 205mm

Condition Report

Please note that the condition report lists all repairs that have been historically undertaken. The instrument is, however, offered in a fully restored condition and has been fully and professionally setup in our workshops. Any repairs have either been conducted by ourselves or fully inspected and the quality of the repair verified by our workshop. No further repairs are required. Details listed in this condition report are for information purposes only.
Excellent original condition.

Front: Small crack lower bass near saddle.

Back: Two wood pins inserted in back below button and prufling.

Pegbox: Pegholes bushed.

A written valuation for insurance purposes for insurance purposes of 16,500 is included with this instrument

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