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Cello By Paul Michael Stanton 1995.

Paul Michael Stanton graduated from Newark International Violin making School in 1993 and has since established himself a leading contemporary maker.

Paul's instruments are handmade using the traditional techniques and methods perfected in 17th and 18th century Italian violin making. His instruments are
widely owned by musicians throughout the World and he is well represented in music colleges and music trusts throughout the United Kingdom.

Paul is particularly noted for his interpretations of the late period violins of Guarneri del Gesu and the classical elegance of his Stradivari pattern cellos. In addition he has become well known for his English pattern cellos inspired by the English cello making tradition of the 18th century.

Paul Michael Stanton's violins, violas and cellos are noted for their even response over their entire tonal range and posses a sonorous and projecting tone.

The example offered here is a Stradivari pattern and has a two piece balkan maple back of strong medium curl running horizontally across the back from the joint, the ribs of somewhat finer curl, pegbox and scroll of fainter curl.

The Cello has a two piece front of swiss pine of medium grain.

The varnish is an orange-red colour on a yellow ground.

Label Reads:

  • Length of back 760mm
  • Width upper bout 346mm
  • Width centre bout 236mm
  • Width lower bout 440mm

    A written valuation for insurance purposes for insurance purposes of 4,950 is included with this instrument

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