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Violin Roderich Paesold Vintage Model

Born in 1891 in the Bohemian "Musikwinkel" (music corner) close to the district town of Eger, Roderich Paesold grew up with musical instruments. His father owned his own string and bow business, and after his apprenticeship, Roderich joined the family business.

After the war, he settled in the Bavarian town of Bubenreuth and in 1959 he re-established the family bow making business. Due to his skilled craftsmanship and entrepreneurial initiative, the company gained a reputation which went far beyond Germany's borders. Many important bow makers studied or worked at the workshop of Roderich Paesold.

In 1968, the company W. Schreiber & Söhne took over the Paesold company, by which time, in addition to bows, Paesold had begun to make high quality string instruments.

This particular violin dates from 1995 and is one of the Master Violin series produced by the Paesold company.

The violin has a one piece back of maple cut on the slab of plain wood, the ribs, pegbox and scroll of faint medium curl.

The front is two piece pine of fine grain in the centre becoming broader towards the flanks.

The varnish of a red-brown colour on a yellow ground with an antique finish.

Label Reads:

Bubenreuth anno 1995
Mod. No. 805
  • Length of back 356.5mm
  • Width upper bout 170mm
  • Width centre bout 113mm
  • Width lower bout 210mm

Condition Report

Please note that the condition report lists all repairs that have been historically undertaken. The instrument is, however, offered in a fully restored condition and has been fully and professionally setup in our workshops. Any repairs have either been conducted by ourselves or fully inspected and the quality of the repair verified by our workshop. No further repairs are required. Details listed in this condition report are for information purposes only.
Excellent as new condition.

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