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Violin By Giulio Degani,venice 1910.

Giulio Ettore Degani was born at Montagnana in 1875, the son of Eugenio Degani under whom he also studied. Whilst the models of his violin differ slightly they are largely based on that developed by his father. Much of the same skill and craftmanship is shown is his work with fine and distinctive corners and edges and use of the same varnish which was always held as a closely guarded secret.

His instruments are widely praised as having a firm and crystal clear tone.

This example is typical of his work and dates from 1910. It has a two piece back of maple with a medium-broad curl descending across the back from the joint. The pegbox and scroll are of similar wood with the ribs being of a somewhat finer curl.

The violin has a two piece front of pine which is of a medium grain.

The varnish of a rich orange-brown colour on a yellow ground.

Label Reads:

premiato con gran diploma d'onore in Milano
e medaglia d'oro in Torino
Anno 1910

Also branded on the ribs below the end button
Giulio Degani
  • Length of back 356.5mm
  • Width upper bout 165mm
  • Width centre bout 113mm
  • Width lower bout 206mm

Condition Report

Please note that the condition report lists all repairs that have been historically undertaken. The instrument is, however, offered in a fully restored condition and has been fully and professionally setup in our workshops. Any repairs have either been conducted by ourselves or fully inspected and the quality of the repair verified by our workshop. No further repairs are required. Details listed in this condition report are for information purposes only.
Front: Bass f-hole wing crack running up towards edge from lower hole. Treble f-hole wing crack running up towards edge from lower hole. Fully and professionally repaired to a very high standard.

Otherwise excellent original condition.

A written valuation for insurance purposes for insurance purposes of 33,000 is included with this instrument

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