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'The name 'violoncello' first became current in the mid-17th century, but bass violins of one kind or another are mentioned in several treatises of the 16th and early 17th centuries, jambe de Fer (1556, p.610 referred to the 'bas de violon', Zacconi (1592, p.218) to the 'basso di viola da braccio', Praetorius (ii, 2/1619, 'Tabella universalis', p.26) to the 'bass viol de braccio' and Mersenne (ii, 1637, p.185) to the 'basse de violon'. The term 'violone' is often found in Italian church archives of the same period (e.g. those of Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo) to refer to a bass violin rather than a bass (or doublebass) viola da gamba (see Bonta, 1978), and it is as a diminutive of this that the instrument now known as the violoncello is recognized. The earliest known use of the term 'violoncello' is in Giulio Cesare Arresti's Sonate op.4 (Venice, 1665).' 'The Violin Family' from The New Grove Musical Instruments Series.

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Cello by Paul Michael Stanton 1995.
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Capriccio Makers Cello 3/4
Capriccio Makers Cello 3/4
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