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3D Secure from Mastercard and VISA

Here at Vivace Violin we take your on-line security seriously and therefore utilise a number of mechanisms to help prevent fraud and ensure the safety of your financial information. One of the methods we employ is the 3D technology as implemented by both VISA and Mastercard and the following gives some information about how both of these financial institutions have implemented the 3D Secure technology.

Further information is available from their respective websites for which links have been provided.

MasterCard SecureCode - UCAF

Mastercard Securecode

MasterCard SecureCode delivers enhanced protection against the risk of fraudsters using their credit or debit account numbers in cyberspace.

Online shoppers benefit from knowing that only they have access to their personal SecureCode, the key to using their card on the Internet. MasterCard SecureCode uses MasterCard's proven Universal Cardholder Authentication Field (UCAF™) to provide an enhanced payment guarantee to online merchants by presenting, collecting and passing cardholder authentication information.

Using hidden fields and a merchant plug-in application that is integrated with merchant web pages, along with authentication information generated by issuing financial institutions.

For further information please visit Mastercards' site at


Verified By Visa (VBV)

Verified by VISA
Verified By Visa (VBV) is part of Visa's Secure Commerce Program and is designed to reduce the risk of unauthorised card usage and make Internet shopping a more successful and secure experience for both buyers and sellers.

Visa’s operating regulations 3-D Secure offers an additional layer of security, introducing ‘payment Authentication’.

For more information on Verified by VISA please refer to VISA's website at


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